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    One-to-one tuition


    This is tuition is built on a one-to-one basis. The course is aimed at helping students to communicate freely in everyday spoken and written Russian language and caters for both fluency and accuracy. The main benefit of the course is full personal attention from your teacher. If you have specialized requests and wish to improve a particular skill or language area, one-to-one is your best option. The course is continually adapted to your individual progress and requirements.

    Although you can choose how many lessons per week you want to study (minimum two), we suggest you choose from the following four levels of intensity according to the amount of academic hours per week: Light 15, Standard 20, Intensive 30and Super-Intensive 40.

    Course key facts:

    • Your personalized study programme
    • Any length from one week upwards: start any Monday, all year round
    • All levels from beginners to proficiency
    • Morning, afternoon and evening classes 
    • Minimum 2 lessons per day
    • 1 lesson = 45 minutes 

    Sample time table

    Light 15

    10.15 am – 12.45 pm

    Standard 20

    10.15 am – 1.30 pm

    Intensive 30

    10.15 am – 3.30 pm

    Super-Intensive 40

    10.15 am – 5.15 pm








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