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    Visas and registrations


    All foreign nationals are required to have entry visas to travel to the Russian Federation unless the country of citizenship is among the visa-free countries.

    Russian entry visas can be obtained at local Russian Embassy or Consulate. In order to apply for the visa, you’ll need a special visa support letter as known as visa invitation from our school.

    The following types of visa invitation can be issued in accordance with the length of a course:

    1) Tourist visa invitation
    This type of the invitation is provided for the students who are enrolled at the course of 4 weeks maximum as the tourist visas are valid for up to 30 days. The tourist visas are single or double-entry visas and they cannot be extended.

    The invitation comprises a tourist voucher and a reservation confirmation, which is issued by our partner travel agency that has a special reference-number and accreditation in the Russia Federal Agency for Tourism. The invitation is issued within one business day.

    2) Student visa invitation
    This type of the invitation is issued for students who are enrolled in a course of more than 4 weeks. The student visa invitation is initially issued as one-entry visa for 90 days maximum and the visa can be extended up to one year should the student desire to continue studying at Educacentre. After the extension the visa becomes multiple. The processing of the invitation takes one calendar month and then it’s delivered by courier mail to the student.

    Tourist and student visas are processed free of charge for our students. The delivery fees are covered by the student.


    3) Business visa invitation

    This type of the invitation for the courses up to 3 months. The business visa allows to stay in Russia up to 90 days in every half of the year. The business visas can be issued either on the original paper blank from the migration office of Russian federation, or in electronic way by TELEX or by electronic invitation of the migration office of Russia. Processing time varies accordingly.


    VISA INVITATION FEES (without course booking)


    Tourist visa invitation (EU, USA, Japan) up to 30 days of stay


    Business visa invitation (EU, USA, Japan) up to 180 days in a year


    Student visas

    not available without course booking

     * - fee including the registration upon arrival


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    Your Russian Visa should be registered upon arrival to the Russian Federation.

    According to the Russian law, your Russian visa must be registered within 7 days of arrival. If you arrive on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday your visa must be registered on the first working day after the holiday / weekend. If you arrive for one week (from Saturday to Saturday or Sunday to Sunday), there is no need to do the registration.

    When you stay at a hotel, the registration is fully taken care of by the hotel reception. A nominal registration fee may be charged.

    If you stay in a private apartment or with a host-family, your visa is to be registered by EducaCentre. In order to process your registration, we will need your passport with visa and the migration card you’ll be given while crossing the border. Please make sure that you are actually given this card - it is a small white paper with your details printed or written on. This paper has to be stamped with your arrival date and you will need to have it for the departure and also it is needed to register your arrival. It happens sometimes that officers are too loaded and they may forget to issue this migration card, so make sure to check your passport for this card and keep it safe during your stay in Russia.

    Please note that not registering your Russian visa may lead to serious problems: you may be stopped by police, fined, preventing from getting a Russian visa in the future, etc. We strongly advise you to register your Russian visa to avoid possible consequences. It is also very important to register in time. 


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